Dandelion Finesse

Take a reflective and retrospective strollthrough a Sacramento neighborhood, 2013.Greet first the timid gibbous moon,ducking behind a March mist.Let your eyes saccade from star to star, from hunter’s belt to big dipper.Drift down to the astigmatic auras of amber street lamps, to the powerlines and pipes and drainsand all the intricate gadgetry above and below ground that brewsContinue reading “Dandelion Finesse”

“An Eye Made Quiet”: My Exercise in Co-Phenomenology at Summer’s End

While with an eye made quiet by the power Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, We see into the life of things. William Wordsworth, “Lines Composed a few Miles above Tintern Abbey” Between series of posts on vertiginous questions, I am including “respites” that are less heavy philosophically, and more creative and literary:Continue reading ““An Eye Made Quiet”: My Exercise in Co-Phenomenology at Summer’s End”